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Juvenile Defense, Abuse & Neglect, DCF Intervention

Juvenile Defense

Juvenile criminal matters can be complex and have lasting effects. Even where a police department handles a matter "outside of court," it is best to be aware of the possible implications of signing any agreements with police or juvenile authorities. In most cases, parents should not allow children or teens to attend police interviews without an attorney present. And where charges are filed, no matter the perceived seriousness, it is essential to have someone on your side to make sure the State is playing by the rules. Call me for a free consultation. 


Abuse Allegations and DCF Investigations

Families often find themselves accused of inadequate or abusive parenting, often through no fault of their own. In some cases, parents may not even know they are under investigation until the State takes emergency custody of their children.


If a DCF Investigator or social worker begins asking you questions, you need the advice of an attorney before it is too late. If your children or grandchildren have been taken by the State, time is of the essence. Do not hesitate to call Melinda for consultation or representation at an emergency hearing.

Note that while this practice handles court cases only within Kansas, Melinda may provide consulting and referral services (with no legal advice given) for families throughout the United States. This is an area of great personal interest to the attorney.

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