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Your Business Is Our Business


Whether you are a corporation, family business, nonprofit or solo startup, I am here to help you navigate the ins and outs of general business law. Perhaps you need help choosing and forming the right entity. Perhaps you are transitioning to a new space or business form, and you need contracts drafted or reviewed. Or perhaps you have ongoing needs and simply do not have room in the company budget for a full time in-house counsel. If you are a Kansas business owner or general manager, I am here to help you cover the bases or provide a second set of eyes.

With a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management & Leadership as well as a dozen years spent managing large and small teams, I have a passion for your business. Some of the business services we provide are:

  • Business formation, articles of incorporation/organization, and operating agreements

  • Business transactions including purchase or distribution agreements

  • Contract creation and review for employers, employees, and business partners

  • General employment law for business, as well as training and consulting in compliant selection and hiring practices

  • Interface with other outside business partners

  • Business subscription fee services available

This attorney is flexible in creating a fee structure that will work within your budget. Call for a free telephone or online consultation.  

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