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Unbundled & Remote Services

Sometimes you want to manage your own matter, but you need a little extra help with a legal task--or some instruction to get you started. Ask me about limited-scope, flat-fee services that can help get you on your way for a low rate, without the hassle of retainers and clock-watching.

Uncontested Divorce/Parenting Time

While I do not handle contested divorce or custody matters, I can assist you in drafting DIY court filings. I can either file and shepherd your case through the court system, or I can instruct you how to to do it. Document preparation is done at a flat rate.

Estate Planning Documents

Many times, people have existing wills or trusts, but they need additional planning documents such as powers of attorney or asset transfers-on-death. I can talk you through the ins-and-outs of probate avoidance or draft simple documents for you either hourly or for a flat fee.

Real Estate Purchases, Deeds, or Transfer-on-Death Deeds

If you need to handle a real estate purchase or transfer within a family, I can assist you in constructing purchase offers, sales agreements, deeds, or any realty related items. This is handled as document preparation for a flat rate.

Expungement or Admin Documents

I can handle your criminal expungement from beginning to end, or I can instruct you in using the state's provided DIY documents--both for a flat rate. If you have administrative agency paperwork to fill out, I can assist you for a low hourly rate.

Business Start-up or Reconfiguration

If you are purchasing or starting a business, you might need assistance with state filings or operating agreements. I can help simplify the process and draft sound legal documents for you for a reasonable rate without a retainer. Ask for a quote.

Case Evaluation and Referral

Sometimes you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, not sure what type of attorney you might need--or whether you need an attorney at all. I am happy to sit down with you in person or by Zoom to talk through the legal process and to direct you to the right type of attorney for your problem.


Curious about what you see? Get in touch for a quote today.

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